“These spatial interventions use neon to highlight found objects and rearrangements in the space, raising questions about what was already there and what was added and altered. Using debris from the iron pour, they draw attention to the beauty of those objects as well as the intrusions from nature such as plants and the crumbling floor.”


Carrie Iverson, Nathan Sandberg, Jeremy Scidmore
Pullman Factory Historic Site
Chicago, Illinois
September 19 – October 20, 2014

Groundwork is a reflection on history, labor, industry, boundaries and growth. Working together, the artists presented new works in a variety of materials on the grounds of the Pullman State Historic Site.

The exhibit was in two parts: Part 1 was an iron pour on the factory grounds where members of the community were invited to participate by creating tiles to be cast in iron. Part 2 was a site-specific art installation within the Clock Tower and Administration Building.

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