Jeremy Scidmore
June 4 – 17, 2017
REGISTER: Ox-Bow School of art & Residencies

This course offers hands-on glassblowing experience to the beginner. Participants learn a variety of techniques for manipulating molten “hot glass” into vessel or sculptural forms. Lectures, videos, demonstrations, and critiques will augment studio instruction.


Collage + Combine + Redux
Jeremy Scidmore and Carrie Iverson
August 7-11, 2017 Pittsburgh Glass Center

In this experimental class you will use multiple printmaking and painting with glass processes mixed with glass cutting techniques to assemble layered imagery in glass. We will discuss the pros and cons of each technique and how to mix and match them to best realize your ideas. Individual experimentation will be encouraged through focused research and observation of process and material. The print processes covered are lithographic image transfers and screen printing with glass powder. We will also manipulate glass powders in a variety of mediums for painterly effects.



Screenprinting with Glass Private Lesson
Jeremy Scidmore
Two day session (12 hours): $500 
REGISTER: Four Fab Studio

We will cover the unique aspects of screenprinting on glass with powdered glass (texture, depth, and color interactions) as well as the basics of glass as a material. The class will also cover a range of methods of image creation (both darkroom and non-darkroom based) as well as how to properly choose, prepare, and clean screens. Lesson includes all materials for the class. No prerequisites.


Glassblowing Private Lesson
Jeremy Scidmore
One session (3 hours): $225 
REGISTER: Four Fab Studio

Individual instruction in glassblowing from beginning to advanced.


I also offer a variety of private and group classes, at my studio or yours. For more information, please see my studio website Four Fab Studio

Possible topics include: 

Printmaking for kiln glass, Kilncasting, Glass blowing, Kiln building, Painting with glass powders and enamels, Manipulating glass chemistry for special effects, Studio setup consultation, Individual mentoring